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Fedwire® Contingency Test Registration Form - September 14, 2019

For questions related to this sign up form, please contact your designated Wholesale Operations Site contact.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Wholesale Operations Site
(800) 327-0147

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Wholesale Operations Site
(800) 333-2448

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Wholesale Operations Site
(201) 531-3949

Please print this page for your records after you have completed the form. Then, click "Submit" to complete your registration.

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The environment information may be obtained in the FedLine Direct Implementation Plan that that was provided to your organization when the FedLine Direct connection was established.

*note if required to test both Funds & Securities, test must be performed using same environment site

*note all ASP customers will use same test environment site

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Section 3: Test Environment Location

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