Business Payments Coalition
e-Invoice Standards Oversight Assessment Work Group
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The Business Payments Coalition (BPC) has been defining the requirements for establishing an e-Invoice exchange framework in North America. Work has continued with the refinement of the technical standards for the exchange framework and has now reached a stage where it is important to assess the approach to the oversight of the exchange framework.  

As a next step, the BPC is preparing to launch the e-Invoicing Standards Oversight Assessment Work Group, a new work group which will assess approaches to ongoing oversight of the e-Invoice exchange framework standards. The BPC e-Invoicing Standards Oversight Assessment Work Group will:  

  • Analyze oversight approaches for the standards used in existing e-Invoice exchange frameworks in other markets  
  • Identify options for an appropriate standards oversight approach and provide recommendations  

The BPC is seeking experienced industry leaders to participate in conducting this assessment and is accepting expressions of interest from qualified individuals through December 9, 2020. This form has four sections for providing:  

  • Your name and contact information 
  • Relevant work or volunteer experience 
  • Current or previous organizational or industry efforts that complements the work group's objectives 
  • Constraints on your availability from January 25 through July 31, 2021 

Thank you in advance for your interest!

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