Business Payments Coalition 
E-invoice Exchange Market Pilot 
Expression of Interest Form 

The Business Payments Coalition (BPC), with support from the Federal Reserve, is launching the E-invoice Exchange Market Pilot to build and test a virtual network that will enable businesses of all kinds to exchange e-invoices. With phase one of the pilot set to begin in July 2021, interested stakeholders are needed now to participate in a variety of activities that advance development, testing, pilot and oversight of the framework. Specifically, the BPC is recruiting for the following roles: 

Access Point Implementers
Such as: (Not exhaustive list)
  • Organizations that provide accounts payable or accounts receivable services for corporates
  • Business-to-business network, billing solution or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) providers
  • Accounting software/platform providers
Who can contribute in the following ways: (Responsibilities could fall into one or more of the following tasks)
  • Develop and test open source tools to simplify service providers’ implementation of access points in the e-invoice exchange   
  • Develop and test access points for e-invoice exchange within the pilot framework 
  • Develop, test and provide registry services for e-invoice exchange within the pilot framework 
  • Recruit customer participation for sending and receiving e-invoices in the market pilot

Corporate Participants  
  • Send or receive invoices through their service providers via the exchange framework  
  • Recruit service provider participation for sending and receiving e-invoices in the market pilot    

Oversight Committee Members 
  • Oversee and monitor recommended standards for the market pilot implementation of the e-invoice exchange framework

We are accepting expressions of interest from experienced industry leaders, qualified service providers and corporate participants through July 13, 2021. If you are unable to meet the deadline of July 13, but want to express interest, please contact

As pilot participants may contribute to multiple roles, respondents are encouraged to identify all areas of interest. The time commitment will vary by role, but participants should expect to spend an average of approximately two hours per week, from July 2021 to year-end 2022. The kick-off meeting of this group will take pace in late-July. 

To express interest, please provide the following information: 

Contact information

Role(s) of Interest

Relevant Experience

Describe current or previous experience in the sections below, including that of your organization. Non-applicable sections should be left blank.
Participation in the market pilot will afford organizations the opportunity to build and shape direction for B2B payments modernization and be on the forefront of industry innovation. Pilot participation also gives organizations the opportunity to be early adopters of the e-invoice exchange framework. We thank you in advance for your interest and look forward to the exciting work ahead!